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Happiness Is A Practice Children Can Start Now

Children are encouraged to practice kindness and gratitude in all of their daily interactions. The actions of being kind and thankful have been proven to support a positive attitude towards others, increase one’s inner happiness, and reduce stress in our lives.
Happiness Is A Practice Children Can Start Now

Mindful Magic Curriculum Develops Self-Regulation

Our Founder and Chief Magic Maker, Marie Walkow, M.Ed., created the Mindful Magic Curriculum to foster a child’s emotional literacy, as well as to develop a child’s “toolbox” for success in forming healthy relationships, coping mechanisms, problem-solving skills, and prosocial behaviors!

Mindful Magic Meetings take place twice daily! Children come together to not only learn academic lessons, but also to learn, focus, and practice the following:

  • Breathing techniques to relax our mind and bodies
  • Meditation and yoga to learn mindfulness
  • Gratitude to increase good feelings
  • Kindness through teacher-led exercises such as “Compliment Circles” to learn the value of being kind to others and ourselves

Social-emotional skill development is your child’s understanding of feelings within him or herself, as well as those of others. It also means being able to identify how they’re feeling and being able to express these feelings effectively. Developing these skills will help your child to have greater control of their emotions now and as a lifelong skill. Our specialized curriculum teaches your child how to:

  • Acknowledge and assess what and how they’re feeling
  • Understand and acknowledge how their words and actions make others feel
  • Care for, share, and take turns with others
  • Regulate themselves when they are feeling out of control
  • Become more cooperative and collaborative
  • Build healthy, long-lasting relationships

You are welcome to join special workshops explicitly designed to help you elevate your child’s social emotional skill development and academic success. You learn beneficial strategies, such as:

  • Mindfulness techniques that develop social emotional skill development
  • How to practice kindness in daily interactions within your family
  • How to practice gratitude to increase levels of happiness for the whole family
  • Ways to turn a negative experience into a positive one
  • How to de-escalate a tantrum before it happens
  • The value of mealtimes; what specifically can be practiced and learned
  • Songs, routines, and lessons to practice at home to enhance academic knowledge and cognitive development

2 Curriculums Blend To Ensure An Excellent, Well-Rounded Education

Our standards-based academic curriculum coupled with our own Mindful Magic Curriculum ensures that each child will meet with success in kindergarten and beyond! The academic curriculum focuses on 9 domains of development including
2 Curriculums Blend To Ensure An Excellent, Well-Rounded Education
A Strong Foundation For Kindergarten Success

A Strong Foundation for Kindergarten and Lifelong Learner Success

Children practice active listening, following instructions, and improving their overall focus on and perseverance in tasks. Monthly concepts and investigations allow for mastery of letter, sound, number, color, and shape recognition ahead of Kindergarten entry, as well as beginning Spanish and Sign language!

Family Operated and Happy to Welcome your Family to Ours!

Our Chief Magic Maker, Marie Walkow, M.Ed. has her degrees in early childhood education is on-site daily and is grateful to have realized her dream of helping children be mindful, kind, happy, and smart! Her own grandchildren are current students and alumni who have greatly benefited from the best team of teachers in the land who love, nurture, teach, and foster all who enter our doors as if they were their own!
Family Operated To Treat Your Child Like Our Own
Happy kids painting with their teacher at a preschool & child care center Serving Smithfield, RI.

The Most Magical Teachers in the Early Childhood Education Field

Your child’s lead teacher not only has childcare experience but also has completed at least four college-level courses in early childhood education or more and shares our core values of practicing and teaching mindfulness, kindness, happiness, and academic excellence!

Be Healthy & Be Happy!

Diverse toddlers learning to write by the help of their teacher at a preschool & child care center Serving Smithfield, RI.

Helping Little Learners Become Tomorrow's Leaders

We all have the important task of helping our students not only meet with success today, but as importantly, tomorrow’s future leaders! Our education coordinator has a Bachelor’s Degree in the field and creates impactful programming to guide your little one’s learning journey.

Our Natural Outdoor Settings Help Us Learn, Grow, And Develop Strong Skills

Your child will greatly benefit from learning nature as they collaborate and interact with the world around them, and with their friends in a whole new context for learning! Physical health and social skills are developed through games and intentionally planned experiences for mindfulness, kindness, and happiness that take place outdoors!
How Natural Outdoor Settings Improve Social-Emotional Skills


Children develop STEAM skills

through hands-on learning experiences in the best way possible: in nature!

Children develop STEAM skills






through hands-on learning experiences in the best way possible: in nature!

Children develop STEAM skills through hands-on learning experiences in the best way possible: in nature!

All-Inclusive Enrichments Expand Bright Young Minds

All-Inclusive Enrichments Expand Bright Young Minds

Fun, engaging activities are included at no extra cost to encourage your child to develop new interests and skills. Your little one learns yoga, beginner Spanish and improves their non-verbal communication with beginner Sign language. And, science and math skills are developed by watching the process of eggs hatching into chicks each Spring!

School and Family Partnerships Will Increase Positive Outcomes

An open line of communication is always available to you. The family engagement app gives a window to what your child is learning and doing throughout the day, including messaging between family and teachers, updates on meals and activities, and pictures! Learn new strategies for helping your child meet with success throughout the year!
Strong Parent Partnerships Build Trust Between Us

family events welcome all to come together to celebrate milestones, holidays, and successes!

Your Child Is Always Safe Under Our Care

Your Child Is Always Safe Under Our Care

To keep your child safe as they learn, laugh, and play, doors require keycode access and our yard is fully fenced in. Families use their code to enter into the foyer and a separate code to enter classrooms.


Tuition rates vary by age group and schedule! We try our best to balance out the cost of tuition without sacrificing the caliber of our programming.
We consider each family our partners in the care and education of their children. Communicating through Procare Engage, a free app for you to download is how we keep you connected to your child throughout the day! We also send out weekly Center Updates via email, host family events for all to attend, and hold Parent Workshops!
Our team of teachers and assistants have undergone complete background checks, must complete 20 hours annually of professional development in early childhood development/education, and are encouraged to be life-long learners themselves through furthering their college-level education paths in our field – even if they already have earned a degree. Besides those qualifications, we also encourage super-star singers, block building champions, and those with magical imaginations to join our teaching team!
  • Infants (2 to 18 months) – 1:4 or better!
  • Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) – 1:6 or better!
  • Preschool (3 to 4 years) – 1:9 or better!
  • K-Prep (4 to 5 years) – 1:10 or better!
We have designed and implemented a developmentally appropriate curriculum aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards. Infants reap the benefits of an individualized monthly lesson plan that focuses on their specific milestone development and well-rounded daily experiences. Toddlers, Preschoolers, and K-Prep students engage in daily learning activities in physical health and motor development, language and literacy development, cognitive development, science, social studies, math, creative arts, and social-emotional development! In addition to the standards-based lessons, we implement our own Mindful Magic Curriculum to teach, support, and strengthen social-emotional development specifically! The combination of both is pure magic!
As featured on Health Check Kids’ news report on NBC channel 10, students receive a strong social-emotional development foundation through our Mindful Magic curriculum! A weekly yoga class taught to our students 18 months and up by a certified yogi is also included, and of course, at no extra charge!
Our teachers use formal assessments three times each year, as well as a portfolio-based tool. Families receive progress reports following each assessment and are offered parent-teacher conferences to discuss progress or concerns.
Some of our teachers have been with our center for five years and more! Children learn best through routine and familiarity with their environment; this includes the actual schedule and physical classroom and the relationships formed with their teachers!
Yes! Families are given a code to enter into the foyer and yet another code to enter the classroom areas. Your fingerprint is used to sign your child in and out of the program electronically. Teachers also sign each child in and out electronically. We do not allow anyone other than those designated by the family to pick up a child. Even when permission is given, a photo ID is required when coming to pick up a child.
We do! We have a two-day minimum but do offer part-time care if availability allows.
We offer a separate catered lunch option for an additional cost that is in alignment with the Federal Food Program for nutritional value and a fan favorite for flavor! Other than that optional add-on, we do not supply food. Families provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and milk for us to serve to their children. We are a nut-free center, and we ask that the food sent in is healthy to foster smart minds, big muscles, and happy faces!
We offer one week per calendar year (for children who do not attend) at 50% off the standard tuition rate.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

We are so grateful to have found My Learning Tree! We highly recommend them!

My son joined in August and everything about our experience has been wonderful. The safety procedures are well-established. The apps they use for communication allow us to receive updates on a daily basis about his activities and schedules (such as naps and snacks). We highly recommend them!

Tracy Lafreniere

We couldn’t be anymore happier with our My learning tree family!!!!

My learning tree is a wonderful place to be a part of. As both a teacher and a parent I couldn’t be more happier with everything this place has to offer! Everyone works together so well and is always willing to help one another!! The communication it’s beyond amazing!! Which as a parent is so important. The communication it’s beyond amazing!! Which as a parent is so important.

Renee Baird

I would highly recommend looking into My learning tree!!!

We love attending my learning tree! The staff is so friendly, attentive, and love all the kids just as much as we do. The owner, Marie, has been amazing at helping my child transition and is always so friendly and warm. I would highly recommend looking into My learning tree!

Jennifer Jodoin

We are very happy with our decision to join the My Learning Tree Family!!!

We joined My Learning Tree in the mist of the Covid Pandemic. The whole staff have been very responsive and open to helping us make sure our son is safe and taken care of, even with all of the pandemic restrictions. We are very happy with our decision to join the My Learning Tree Family and look forward getting to know the family even more in the coming seasons!

Katie Vincent

Every time we pick her up she is in such a happy mood. I highly recommend my learning tree!

Our daughter has only been here for a few months but she has already blossomed so much! Her language and other skills are developing. She loves her teachers so much and now tells us she misses school as soon as we leave! Every time we pick her up she is in such a happy mood and we know we picked the perfect preschool. I highly recommend my learning tree!

Aneta Chavarriaga

Curriculum is carefully planned so that all kids are engaged and having fun while they learn!

My Learning Tree is the BEST for so many reasons! To start, the classrooms are clean, safe, bright, and welcoming. The director, Marie, and all the teachers are kind, caring, hard-working, and dedicated. I also love that I receive messages and pictures daily, there's nothing better than seeing my son's smiling face when I'm at work!

Alyssa Bonilla

My Learning Tree is such a great school! The facility is clean, the teachers are wonderful!

The facility is clean, the teachers are wonderful and the owner is kind, flexible, and highly engaged in the day to day activities. Their open door policy allows me to come visit on my lunch break and gives me a piece of mind through the day. All the teachers are so loving and interactive and are amazing at adjusting to our crazy life and schedule. A huge thanks My Learning Tree!

Katherine Tavares

The staff are all amazing and dedicated teachers who truly care about the kids!

My son has been attending My Learning Tree since he was 2 years old (now almost 5yrs old). The staff are all amazing and dedicated teachers who truly care about the kids. They also take the time to engage parents and make you few as if you are leaving your child with extended family rather than strangers. I could not recommend My Learning Tree more for any family looking for child care!

Meghan Mania

They truly go above and beyond and I am so happy to be part of My Learning Tree!

I cannot say enough about this school! The owner is amazing and truly cares about the children. Her staff is the best and my kids adore all of them. The facility is clean and organized and roomy enough for all the kids. They truly go above and beyond and I am so happy to be part of My Learning Tree!

Jenny Preservati

We highly recommend this center to anyone looking for childcare for their kids!

My husband and I can’t say enough about this center! Not only do our four children enjoy attending, but we love the relationships that our children have built with the staff who have been there for years! Our kids are always welcomed with open arms every morning at drop off, and are learning so many wonderful things throughout their day!

Steph Robertson

We are so happy with our decision to enroll in My Learning Tree!

Absolutely amazing daycare and amazing staff. The curriculum they have come up with is great. We feel like our son is learning something new everyday. We wanted to stay away from places that basically just babysat our son. We wanted a place that would help him learn and grow. We are so happy with our decision to enroll in My Learning Tree.

Lou Torrico

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